Arctic Icebreaker Coordinating Committee (AICC)

  • Photo by Dave Forcucci


AICC addresses research support for U.S. academic science investigators carrying out arctic research aboard icebreakers and other ice capable arctic research vessels. 


Arctic Icebreaker Coordinating Committee

The Arctic Icebreaker Coordinating Committee (AICC) provides polar science projects with planning assistance and liasons and facilitates communications between scientists, funding agencies and facility providers.

Name Affiliation Term
Aguilar-Islas, Ana (also serves as ex-officio on AICC) UAF 10/15 to 10/21
Campbell, Robert | (Immediate Past Chair) URI 01/16 to 01/19
Hartz, Steve * | (RVTEC Rep, ex-officio) UAF 05/07
Laney, Sam | (Chair, AICC) WHOI 02/19 to 02/22
Lomas, Michael Bigelow Laboratory 08/14 to 08/20
Persson, Ola CU-Boulder 10/15 to 10/21
Polashenski, Christopher USACE-CRREL 08/14 to 08/20
Ruppel, Carolyn USGS 10/15 to 10/21
Russell, Doug| (RVOC Rep, ex-officio, AICC) UW 09/10
Swift, Jim | (Chair of FIC, ex-officio AICC) UCSD 12/15
Welker, Jeff UAA 10/15 to 10/21
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