Safety Statistics Form

Welcome to the UNOLS Fleet Safety Statistics Form

We have adapted this form to include questions from the NSF Quarterly Report. The results that are emailed to you after you submit this form can be saved as a .pdf and uploaded to

Please Note that in addition to submitting this form through the UNOLS Website, and uploading the results as a .pdf to, Ship Operators are still obligated to report on the following as part of their Cooperative Agreements:

Personnel Injury
In the event that a member of the crew or scientific party becomes seriously injured or ill while aboard the vessel, the Operator will notify the NSF Program Officials within 24hrs, by telephone or email, with a full written report submitted seven (7) days after the Awardee becomes aware of said injury or incapacity. A "serious injury" means an injury which renders the individiul unfit for service for at least 48 hours, or which results in the payment of medical and/or other benefits in excess of $10,000. A "serious illness" means any illness which extends beyond the period of the voyage, or which results in the payment of medical and/or insurance benefits in excess of $10,000.

Conditions Affecting Ability to Support Scheduled Oceanographic Research:
Situation to be reported as soon as possible followed by written notification no later than 7 days from determining inability to support schedule.

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