UNOLS Code of Conduct

UNOLS Code of Conduct

The University-National Oceanographic Laboratory System (UNOLS) is a source of support and recommendations for the oceanographic community and U.S. federal agencies on all aspects of oceanographic research infrastructure. In this role, UNOLS regularly organizes and hosts   events, including meetings, workshops, conferences, webinars, trainings, dinners, networking opportunities and educational events, with members from various sectors within the academic, ocean science, and related communities.


The UNOLS community is dedicated to creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for every person.  UNOLS activity participants will refrain from all forms of discrimination, harassment, and bullying.  


UNOLS activities are conducted in accordance with the following standards and ground rules.  They shall be reviewed near the beginning of all professional activities:




  • Every person is treated respectfully and collegially.
  • Every person is committed to engaging successfully with members of other cultures.
  • Participants are mindful of their surroundings and of their fellow participants.
  • Every person is accountable: When we as organizers or participants fail to meet these guidelines, we work together to identify problems and adjust policy and practice together. 
  • Discrimination, harassment, intimidation, and/or bullying, of any type, is not tolerated.   


Ground rules:


  • Every committee participant is valued and on equal footing.
  • We will model the behavior we expect to see from others.
  • We will speak from our own experiences and no one else's.
  • We will give credit appropriately.
  • We will practice respectful communication.
  • We will respect and include all voices. 
  • We will not interrupt.
  • We will focus on listening as well as speaking.