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Membership in UNOLS is open to those institutions that use, or operate and use, sea-going facilities and maintain an academic program in marine science. It is intended that UNOLS institutions make substantial contributions to the national oceanographic program. Both individual institutions and consortia of such institutions may be members of UNOLS for purposes of attending UNOLS meetings, receiving UNOLS information, and other non-voting UNOLS activities. 

Each UNOLS institution shall designate a representative with authority to speak and act for the instituiton in UNOLS matters. UNOLS representatives may authorize alternates. Additon of members shall be by application to, and majority action by, the existing membership. 

All applications are reviewed by the UNOLS Council at one of their semi-annual meetings.  Applications approved by the Council are then voted on by the full UNOLS membership prior to the UNOLS Annual Meeting held each fall.

Whereas according to the UNOLS Charter, the below named organization hereby submits application for membership in the University-National Oceanographic Laboratory System. In doing so the applicant fully understands and agrees to work towards the ojectives set forth in the UNOLS Charter ( 

Please complete all sections of this application and submit. Once you begin the form you will not be able to save so please make sure you have all of your information available.