Fleet Improvement Committee (FIC)


FIC assesses the match between seagoing academic oceanographic facilities and the needs of oceanographic research programs, and also makes recommendations for replacing, modifying or improving the number and mix of facilities.


Fleet Improvement Committee

The Fleet Improvement Committee (FIC) works to assure the continuing excellence of the Academic Research Fleet (ARF), to improve the capability and effectiveness of individual ships and to assure that the number, mix and overall capability of ships in the ARF match the science requirements of academic oceanography in the U.S.

UNOLS office contact for FIC: Alice Doyle (alice@unols.org)

Name Affiliation Term
Austin, James A. | (Non-Op Rep.) UT-Austin 06/18 to 04/20
Blomquist, Byron | (Non-Op Rep) CU-Boulder 04/16 to 04/19
Carbotte, Suzanne | (At Large Rep.) LDEO 04/17 to 04/20
Cutter, Greg | (Non-Op Rep) ODU 10/12 to 10/18
Keil, Rick | (Oper. Rep) UW 04/15 to 04/18
Kelety, Zoltan | (Chair, RVOC) Scripps 10/19 to 10/22
Montoya, Joseph | (Non-Op Rep) GA Tech 05/19 to 05/22
Rabalais, Nancy | (Oper. Rep) LUMCON 01/14 to 01/20
Roth, Ethan | (ex-officio, RVTEC Liason) UAF 10/17
Swift, Jim | (Chair of FIC, ex-officio AICC) UCSD 12/15
Tominaga, Masako | (Oper. Rep) Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution 03/19 to 03/22
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