UNOLS OOI Coastal Arrays Workshop

January 5th, 2016 to January 7th, 2016

Arlington, VA


UNOLS OOI Coastal Arrays Workshop

Meeting Location:
National Science Foundation in Arlington, VA

Meeting Times:
8:30 am January 5th to 12pm January 7th

Meeting Information:
By the end of 2015, the Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI) infrastructure will be fully commissioned.  Ocean scientists can now integrate OOI observations into their research proposals and programs.  To effectively use the OOI, researchers will need to learn how to access the OOI observing assets.  This workshop will provide a forum for potential users to further their understanding of the capabilities of OOI, and to learn possible approaches for accessing the data.

The OOI observing components are:  the Global Arrays, a set of moored systems deployed at high latitude locations as sentinels for climate change; the Cabled Array, a cabled seafloor geophysical observatory on the Juan de Fuca Plate and adjacent shelf and slope region off the Pacific Northwest; and the Coastal Arrays, located in two coastal ocean/shelf systems, one in the Atlantic (Pioneer Array) and one in the Pacific (Endurance Array). The OOI cyber infrastructure (CI) component will provide communications and data management services across the observing components for end users of OOI data and products.  This workshop will focus on the Coastal Arrays, the coastal portion of the Cabled Array, and CI components of OOI.  Details about the features and project timelines for the coastal observatory are located at for the Pioneer Array and at for the Endurance Array.

The goal of the OOI Coastal Arrays Workshop is to introduce the research community to the science capabilities of the coastal arrays, the coastal cabled array, the data access protocols, and the cyber-infrastructure (CI) applications.  The workshop will also review the key scientific questions that motivated the building of the observatories.  Participants will be provided with a hands-on opportunity to explore the capabilities offered by the CI to access OOI data.  NSF Program Officers will attend and offer guidance on the use of OOI assets. Potential users will be provided with the information required to plan research projects that utilize the observational capabilities of the coastal arrays.
The Workshop will be held at the National Science Foundation in Arlington, VA on January 5-7, 2016.  This OOI Coastal Community Workshop will benefit the oceanographic community, early career scientists, and all potential users who rely on the availability and access to large datasets for coastal ocean research. To apply for the workshop, please complete the on-line application form at  Travel funds are limited, and are anticipated to primarily be used to support applicants who will use OOI data in their research. Broad representation from institutional, geographic, and disciplinary groups is desired and will be considered in participant selection.  The deadline for applications is November 16th 2015.
Please note if you are unavailable to attend this workshop, there will be additional opportunities to provide input regarding OOI.  Participation by web-conference may also be possible and individuals interested in participating virtually are encouraged to complete the on-line application form.  

Meeting Agenda:
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