2019 RVOC Meeting

April 23rd, 2019 to April 25th, 2019
La Jolla, CA

2019 RVOC Meeting

Meeting Site:

Scripps Institution of Oceanography
La Jolla, California

Campus Maps and Directions

Directions from Hotel La Jolla to Scripps Seaside Forum

Directions from Hotel La Jolla to Birch Aquarium

Meeting Registration:

Registration has closed, please contact the UNOLS Office with any questions.

Meeting Accomodations:

Hotel La Jolla, Curio Collection by Hilton
7955 La Jolla Shores Drive
La Jolla, California, 92037

UNOLS has reserved a block of rooms at this hotel for check in on April 22nd and check out on April 25th. The rate is $199.00 per night.

CLICK HERE to reserve a room at this discounted rate, using group code "RVOC". Bookings can also be made by phone at 1-800- HILTONS and referencing "UNOLS RVOC" and the pertinent dates of April 22nd-April 25th.
This block of rooms is available until April 2, 2019 and any unreserved rooms in the block will be released for sale to the general public, so please book your room early!

Meeting Agenda: 
2019 RVOC Agenda175.24 KB
Meeting Minutes: 
2019 RVOC Meeting Minutes.pdf96.81 KB
2019 RVOC Meeting Attendees.pdf49.89 KB
2019_RVOC_Meeting_Appendix_II - Welcome from SIO's Bruce Appelgate.pdf9.59 MB
2019_RVOC_Meeting_Appendix_III - UNOLS Office Transition Update.pdf1.92 MB
2019_RVOC_Meeting_Appendix_IV - UNOLS Council Report.pdf251.76 KB
2019_RVOC_Meeting_Appendix_V - NSF Report.pdf25.12 MB
2019_RVOC_Meeting_Appendix_VII - NOAA Report.pdf10.89 MB
2019_RVOC_Meeting_Appendix_VIII - USCG Report.pdf5.95 MB
2019_RVOC_Meeting_Appendix_IX - State Dept Report.pdf1.98 MB
2019_RVOC_Meeting_Appendix_X - NOC-NERC.pdf8.34 MB
2019_RVOC_Meeting_Appendix_XI - NIOZ.pdf15.21 MB
2019_RVOC_Meeting_Appendix_XII - CMRE-NATO.pdf3.9 MB
2019_RVOC_Meeting_Appendix_XIII - Schmidt Ocean Institute.pdf5.14 MB
2019_RVOC_Meeting_Appendix_XIV - Cyber Security Introduction Ellett.pdf2.37 MB
2019_RVOC_Meeting_Appendix_XV - Cyber Security.pdf689.78 KB
2019_RVOC_Meeting_Appendix_XVI -Safety_Meeting_Summary.pdf137.43 KB
2019_RVOC_Meeting_Appendix_XVII - Ship Happens.pdf22.96 MB
2019_RVOC_Meeting_Appendix_XIX - Wire Pool Update.pdf2.47 MB
2019_RVOC_Meeting_Appendix_XX - SATNAG Update.pdf2.06 MB
2019_RVOC_Meeting_Appendix_XXI - WCWP Update.pdf8.99 MB
2019_RVOC_Meeting_Appendix_XXII - ECWP Update.pdf19.27 MB
2019_RVOC_Meeting_Appendix_XXIV - Satcoms Update.pdf11.76 MB
2019_RVOC_Meeting_Appendix_XXV - GW-MMA Report.pdf3.69 MB
2019_RVOC_Meeting_Appendix_XXVI - RV Roger Revelle Mid-life Overhaul Update.pdf22.8 MB
2019_RVOC_Meeting_Appendix_XXVII - RV Atlantis Mid-Life Overhaul Update.pdf9.21 MB
2019_RVOC_Meeting_Appendix_XXVIII - MERAS Report.pdf302.33 KB
2019_RVOC_Meeting_Appendix_XXIX - Ship Scheduling Committee Report.pdf11.68 MB
2019_RVOC_Meeting_Appendix_XXX - Annual PCAR & Safety Report Summary_updated04162019.pdf130.53 KB
2019_RVOC_Meeting_Appendix_XXXI - Fleet Safety Statistics Report 2018.pdf1.8 MB
2019_RVOC_Meeting_Appendix_XXII-ABS LU Mariner Safety Research Initiative April 2019.pdf1.03 MB
2019_RVOC_Meeting_Appendix_XXXIII-ABS MSRI cutsheet 2019 KPM BC.pdf591.15 KB