Special Committee: Maintaining an Environment of Respect Aboard Ships (MERAS)

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In response to community requests that policies regarding pregnant women as members of cruise science parties could be more clearly stated and readily accessible UNOLS Council formed an ad hoc committee in 2015 charged with researching existing policies and practices aboard UNOLS ships regarding protected personal information, medical history forms, participation at sea for pregnant and provisions for nursing women, and other issues as identified (See 2015 Annual Meeting Files). The committee would report back to the Council with written recommendations on various methods that would help to clarify and articulate these policies, intending to make them more transparent for all parties. In 2017 the Council voted to transition the ad hoc committee on Pregnacy, Privacy, and Harassment into a special committee, MERAS (Maintaining an Environment of Respect Aboard Ships) (See 2017 Annual Meeting Files). 

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