Important Resources for Working in Foreign Waters and Ports Published

Nov 6, 2017
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After recent difficulties working in foreign ports, the funding agencies felt it important for scientists and operators within the U.S. Academic Research Fleet (ARF) to work together to take a closer look at these complex operations.  The UNOLS Logistics Working Group, comprised of scientists, operators and funding agency representatives, reviewed current policies and sticking points around working in foreign ports and obtaining marine research clearances (MRC).  The summary of their findings and their recommendations can be found in the UNOLS White Paper on Proposing, Planning, and Executing Logistics involved in Oceanographic Field Operations in Foreign Waters and Ports along with its Appendix 1-Detailed Recommendations and Considerations for Working in Foreign Ports and Obtaining Marine Science Research Clearances.

These are must-reads for anyone planning to work in a foreign port or apply for an MRC.  This includes seasoned PIs, new PIs, future PIs, lab technicians, vessel technicians, schedulers and operators alike.  The documents help to outline the issues, responsibilities and key topics to consider when planning these complicated cruises.  Please pass this email along.  It is important that this information is disseminated throughout the community.

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*photo by Dr. Leila Hamdan, University of Southern Missippi