WHOI Announces R/V Neil Armstrong Science Verification Cruise Opportunity

Sep 21, 2015
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Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution is seeking participation from the US oceanographic science community to verify the scientific capabilities of the new AGOR 27, RV NEIL ARMSTRONG, during the spring and fall of 2016.

A series of Science Verification Cruises (SVCs) will be conducted in the mid-Atlantic off of the U.S. east coast during the periods of March 1-April 22, June 1- July 1, and in November of 2016. The length of each cruise has not yet been determined and may range from 1-2 weeks; several cruises may be conducted during each period. We envision the participation of scientists from a range of disciplines and Institutions/Universities on disciplinary or integrated, multidisciplinary cruises. Activities can include the collection of samples and data using shipboard and over-the side sensors and the deployment or recovery of instruments and assets on an opportunistic basis.  This opportunity is to provide ship time only and does not provide money for science or equipment.  Travel and other logistical costs will be worked out in cruise planning.

Click here to read the official announcement and learn how to apply.