Telepresence Guidance Document Now Available!

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Considering using Telepresence on an upcoming cruise?  Or simply curious of what “Telepresence” is?  

The UNOLS office is pleased to announce the UNOLS Telepresence Guidance for Scientists and Ship Operators.  

The document outlines different forms of Telepresence from simple one-way videocasts to full blown Telepresence-enabled science giving examples and the resources required at sea and on shore.  Furthermore, it gives guidance on proposal planning, pre-cruise planning, and tips for implementation at sea.  Like a lot of elements of pre-cruise planning, Telepresence requires early planning and communication for success.  This document is a great resource to start to understand what Telepresence is all about and what is required to make it work.   

Dwight Coleman will be presenting a poster around this document at the Ocean Sciences meeting:  ED24A-1652: Enabling the Telepresence Paradigm for the UNOLS Community - Guidance for Scientists and Ship Operators 

A huge thank you goes out to Alice Doyle of UNOLS, Dwight Coleman of the URI Inner Space Center and the UNOLS Ship/Shore Communications Subcommittee for producing this helpful guide! 

*image by Alex DeCiccio, URI