R/V Sally Ride Science Verification Cruises with ROV Jason Announced!

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Scripps Institution of Oceanography invites scientists from the US oceanographic community to participate in a Science Verification Cruise (SVC) aboard the Ocean Class research vessel Sally Ride using the ROV Jason. 

For this opportunity, we will focus specifically on how the Jason system integrates onto the Ocean Class vessels. We will deploy the system in order to evaluate technical aspects of the installation, and we will operate the ROV in a manner that will enable an assessment of how Jason can be successfully used on future science missions aboard this class vessel. 

A test cruise will be conducted offshore San Diego, mobilizing from the Scripps Nimitz Marine Facility. The ship will leave port 0800 on 27 November, and arrive back on 04 December. 

We seek experienced ROV users who will provide input while underway and in summary reports. This feedback will be used to document the performance characteristics of the vessel with respect to Jason support, and to identify areas for improvement. This information will in turn be used to inform the community, and to guide plans for improvement so that Sally Ride can quickly meet the diverse needs of ship users and sponsors. 

If you are interested and able to participate, please send email with the following information: 

  • Description of your experience using Jason or other ROVs. 
  • Suggestions for Jason dive targets or operations near San Diego. 
  • Specific Jason activities you would like to conduct, and whether you require additional instruments, technical support, or personnel to do so. 

Funds are available to support the travel and logistical expenses of participants. Ship time will be supported by the Office of Naval Research. 

The goal of SVCs in general is to exercise the ship, the crew, and all scientific systems to verify satisfactory operations, and to characterize the capabilities of each system. Our SVC operations are intended to be complementary to SVCs aboard Neil Armstrong, in order to evaluate the Ocean Class vessels (AGOR 27 & 28) collectively.

A description of Sally Ride and the scientific systems on board is available at https://scripps.ucsd.edu/ships/sally-ride 

For more information, contact Scripps ship scheduler Liz Brenner <ebrenner@ucsd.edu>