Preliminary OOI Data Release Schedule (11/5/2014)

Nov 5, 2014
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OOSC Preliminary Data OOI Release Update Nov 2014

Note – this information is provided by UNOLS/OOSC. The information is based on various sources within NSF and OOI. The information is not official NSF or OOI information. 

Data is now available at the following link -

The plan is to release preliminary data as soon as possible after a system is deployed. The operators of the system want to:

  • Make sure the signal from the instrument gets checked post deployment prior to sending any data out.
  • Make sure that there is a practical mechanism to pull and post pre-commissioned (preliminary) data.

 Phasing of OOI components

  • Pioneer will be the first to provide preliminary data. We note that it has been doing this sporadically for the past few months. See below for schedule.
  • Endurance will be second to provide preliminary data.
  • Cabled array – no plan available – expected soon.
  • Climate buoys – no plan available but expected in February. Note – some deployments will not be until mid-2015 due to ship and weather constraints.

Pioneer Preliminary release schedule:

  • L0 and L1 data products for the wire following profilers and the gliders will be available by November 21. 
  • Coastal Surface Piercing Profiler, surface mooring – end of January
  • Surface Mooring (with fuel cell), AUVs and docks) – Early May