NSF Requests Nominations for New Ocean Observatories Initiative Facility Board

Dec 2, 2016
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The Division of Ocean Sciences (OCE) of the National Science Foundation (NSF) requests nominations, including self-nominations, for inaugural Members to serve on the newly established "Ocean Observatories Initiative Facility Board" (OOIFB). The OOIFB will provide independent input and guidance regarding the management and operation of the Ocean Observatories Initiative (OOI). All such input and guidance will be communicated both to the OOI Operator and NSF.

The Dear Colleague Letter (NSF 17-034) announcing this opportunity may be found here…


…and includes links to the "Terms of Reference of the OOIFB", which may also be found here…


Thank you for your interest.

Rick Murray
Division Director
Division of Ocean Sciences

Bob Houtman
Section Head
Integrative Programs
Division of Ocean Sciences

Lisa Clough
Section Head
Ocean Section
Division of Ocean Sciences