Important Update Regarding NSF Program Solicitation on Marine Seismic Capabilities

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MSROC Updates

The NSF Division of Ocean Sciences (OCE) has advised the MSROC that they have received at least one proposal in response to their Marine Seismic Capabilities Solicitation.  Although no details on the proposal(s) can be released until the review process is completed, OCE emphasizes that the marine research community will continue to have access to seismic data acquisition capabilities comparable to those provided by the R/V Langseth.  NSF encourages the submission of new marine seismic research proposals for North and Northeast Pacific for 2019 and 2020.  As stated in the August 2016 OCE Dear Colleague Letter, “NSF is committed to supporting marine seismic research of high national interest. Accordingly, OCE will continue to accept proposals for experiments that require capabilities such as those currently provided by the R/V Langseth.”

The MSROC strongly supports OCE’s commitment to maintaining access to these marine seismic data acquisition capabilities.  It is important to note that the upcoming changes to the current R/V Langseth operational model will not impact OCE support of high-resolution seismic acquisition experiments conducted using vessels other than the Langseth.  Members of the marine research community with concerns or comments regarding the future of marine seismic capabilities should email MSROC at