CALL FOR NOMINATIONS - UNOLS Arctic Marine Research Capabilities Committee Science Mission Requirements Refresh Project

Apr 3, 2024
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Blue, green and white pancake sea ice with black words imposed on top.
An exciting and critically important new initiative has been launched to establish a committee that will review and refresh science missions and affiliated science mission requirements for future Federal icebreakers operating in the Arctic Ocean and other northern polar regions.  The committee is tasked with providing a report that includes updated science mission requirements to UNOLS in the summer of 2025.
We are seeking nominations for individuals interested in serving on this committee, including a Chair, per the attached Call for Nominations and Statement of Tasking.   The committee will consist of:

                 i.     Up to 12 people

        ii.     Chair – an academic researcher

       iii.     8-9 members from the research vessel user community including international membership and disciplinary balance.

       iv.     3-4 Technical / Operational Experts (naval architects, R/V operators, and R/V Technical Support personnel).

Nominations to serve on the AMRCC shall be sent to the UNOLS Office.  Self nominations are strongly encouraged.  If you are interested in representing community perspectives on current and emerging needs for polar research, we urge you to apply for membership on the AMRCC.  Applicants or nominees should submit a brief statement of interest in serving on AMRCC along with a CV to the UNOLS Office by email <>. Please include information about your sea-going and/or polar experience.  Statements of Interest and CVs are requested by April 28, 2024.  Appointments will be made in a manner to achieve a balance of expertise in the different scientific disciplines and technical areas.  Committee members will be formally appointed by the UNOLS Chair.   

Please share this with others in the community who you feel will be interested and may be great candidates to serve on this committee.

Please don't hesitate to contact Doug Russell with any questions at