Call for Nominations - Fleet Improvement Committee

Aug 30, 2022
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UNOLS is seeking nominations and applications to fill a Non-Operator vacancy on the Fleet Improvement Committee (FIC).
The Fleet Improvement Committee works to assure the continuing excellence of the UNOLS Fleet and to assure that the number, mix and overall capability of ships in the UNOLS fleet match the science requirements of academic oceanography in the U.S. At this time FIC is engaged in several stages of vessel planning including development of science mission requirements, and review of ship improvements and transition to operations. The future fleet composition, capabilities, capacity, and user demand, along with budgetary realities are all areas that FIC will continue to evaluate. Individuals who wish to contribute to these efforts are needed to fill the open FIC seat.

Candidates should have experience with the US Academic Research Fleet and shipboard science activities and must be from

The committee membership should represent diverse disciplines and broad geographic interests. The committee members are appointed by the UNOLS Chair based on the recommendation of the FIC and with the concurrence of the UNOLS Council.

FIC members are expected to attend two FIC meetings annually. One meeting is normally held in the fall in conjunction with the UNOLS Council and Annual meetings in Alexandria, VA. The second meeting is typically held in the spring and the location will vary from year to year. Terms of office are three years, with the possibility of re-election for a second term. For additional information about FIC, please visit the committee website at: <>.

Nominees and applicants should submit:
  • A current C.V.
  • A statement of interest to serve on FIC
  • A summary of experience using research vessels and other oceanographic facilities
The nominee's statement of interest should include how their efforts, service and/or scholarship have supported the introduction of ocean sciences to communities underrepresented in ocean sciences community and fostered an environment of respect which enables all individuals to excel; applicants who have not yet had the opportunity for such experience should note how their work will further the UNOLS'  commitment to diversity.

Copies of these materials should be sent to the UNOLS Office <> by October 3, 2022. For additional information about FIC and committee responsibilities contact the FIC Chair, Kipp Shearman at <>.

To maintain institutional diversity on the FIC, applicants should be from institutions other than those that will continue to be represented on the FIC.  These institutions are: OSU, UH, URI, Ga Tech, UT-Austin, LDEO, and WHOI.