NSF Sponsored Chief Scientist Training Cruise Opportunity in Biological and Chemical Oceanography

May 20, 2024
Blue ocean water with words imposed on top
We are pleased to announce a NSF sponsored Chief Scientist Training Cruise Opportunity with an emphasis on Biological and Chemical Oceanographic research that will take place August 27th – Sept. 3rd of 2024 and include 5-days aboard R/V Kilo Moana. The cruise will depart from and arrive in Honolulu, HI.
Please share this opportunity with your colleagues and anyone else you think might be interested!
The Chief Scientist Training Cruise will include:
  • Pre-cruise video-conferences (dates TBD in late May-early June) and an in-person, pre-cruise workshop (August) to familiarize participants with key steps in the planning and execution of a successful research cruise
  • Participant-led research hypotheses and cruise objectives
  • Development of shipboard sampling plans that maximize efficient use of the shared resources (e.g., ship time, equipment, supplies)
  • Loading of the research vessel and familiarization with pre-departure cruise coordination (August 28th 2024)
  • A 5-day research cruise aboard R/V Kilo Moana (August 29th – September 2nd, 2024)
  • On-board training with shipboard scientific equipment
  • Collection of biological and chemical datasets facilitating collaborative science
The goal of this program is to help early-career ocean scientists (e.g., PhD students, postdocs and new faculty) gain familiarity with developing both proposals that request ship-time and UNOLS processes for ship-time requests and reporting, establish new collaborations built around addressing scientific questions, become familiar with shipboard equipment and sampling at sea, and communicate major findings through writing of manuscripts and cruise reports.
Participants will help plan and execute 5 days of at-sea oceanographic research that will take advantage of shipboard and PI supplied equipment to address scientific questions related to understanding  microbial diversity and rates of particle production and flux in the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre. Pre-cruise meetings and workshops will be used to identify participant-specific research questions and objectives.
Travel costs, research supplies, and shipping will be paid for participants. Space is limited. To apply you must be an employee or student (U.S. Citizen or permanent resident) at a U.S. institution.
To be considered, applications must be received by Friday May 24th 2024.
Please complete the on-line application: here.
This application will request basic contact and demographic information, as well as research background and interests in order to aid participant selection.