2018 MATE Summer Internship Announced!

Mar 1, 2018
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2018 MATE Summer At-Sea Internships

MATE is very excited to announce that the 2018 summer MATE internship is now accepting applications*! We have another great season of internships lined up. For more information about the internship program, read on, or visit our website at:  https://www.marinetech.org/internships/

The MATE at-sea internship program:
To help prepare students to be competitive and prepared for employment upon graduation, the MATE Center has developed the At-Sea Technical Internship Program. MATE internships focus on technology and scientific support of marine research rather than the academic research. Interns work as marine technicians aboard sea-going research vessels that are part of the University National Oceanographic Laboratory System (UNOLS), the United States Coast Guard or other partners.

Each year approximately twelve students are selected as marine technician interns aboard sea-going research vessels. Most internships last for 2-12 weeks and occur all over the country and all over the world: Florida, California, Hawaii, Alaska, Samoa, Europe, etc.  All intern travel to and from the ship is covered by the MATE Center, and the intern lives and eats aboard the vessel for the duration of most internships. The intern is provided with on station housing when the ship is in port. In addition, all interns receive a stipend of $500/week.

Please visit the MATE website to get more information about the internship and life at sea: https://www.marinetech.org/prospective-students/

Internship Requirements

To apply for an internship, the requirements are:

Students must be:

·       At least 18 years of age.

·       A current undergraduate student or very recently graduated from an undergraduate program from a US institution and a citizen of the United States or its possessions; international students are not eligible for this program. An undergraduate student is defined as a student who is enrolled in a degree program (part-time or full-time) leading to a baccalaureate or associate degree. Students who are transferring from one college or university to another and are enrolled at neither institution during the intervening summer may participate under certain circumstances. 

·       Interested in becoming marine technicians on research vessels.

·       Able to enroll in a for-credit cooperative work experience course, either at Monterey Peninsula College (preferable) or their home institution. If the costs for this are a burden to participation, the MATE Center can pay for this up-front and deduct the cost from the internship stipend.

To Apply:

Visit our website https://www.marinetech.org/prospective-students/ and scroll down to "How Do I Apply"

Application deadline with all supporting material: March 23rd, 2018 (3pm PDT). Please contact Nandita Sarkar (nsarkar@mpc.edu) if you have any questions!

*Please note that the internship opportunities are subject to renewal of funding.