SCOAR Meeting - Fall 2021

August 23rd, 2021



SCOAR MEETING - 23 August 1PM Eastern

This is an open meeting and all are welcome to attend. 

Zoom information

Meeting ID: 963 4952 2698
Passcode: 906876

Meeting Agenda

CIRPAS Update - Anthony Bucholtz 

SCOAR Discussion

  • SCOAR Meeting formats 
  • How can SCOAR promote communication between the current airborne oceanographic researchers?
  • How can SCOAR promote airborne oceanography in the science community (i.e., broadening the user base )
    • Town hall at Ocean Sciences?
    • UAS Workshops?
    • Sessions at Conferences? 
    • What else?
  • Review of the UAS Handbook and UAS Policy (update according to any new FAA guidelines; reach out/discussion with RV Operators and other users of the Handbook)
  • SCOAR webpage updates? 
  • Outreach to RV Operators - making UASs more "the norm"
  • Recruiting a new member
  • Other discussion points for the group