Planning a NSF-UNOLS Chief Scientist Training Cruise

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Planning a NSF-UNOLS Chief Scientist Training Cruise

Chief Scientist Training Cruises are an excellent opportunity to engage and train the next generation of sea-going scientists. These training opportunities are primarily funded through the National Science Foundation (NSF)*. The training cruise program often consists of a pre-cruise informational session, research cruise, and post-cruise briefing. However, the programs can (and have been) tailored for unique expedition goals by the Principal Investigator(s) leading them. Please read the information below to learn more about the general planning process. UNOLS is happy to assist with these valuable training programs!

Step One: Apply for a NSF EAGER Funding Proposal 

Step Two: Submit a Ship Time Request to book time aboard a ship in the UNOLS/Academic Research Fleet

Step Three: Contact the UNOLS Office to let us know about your training cruise. We can help facilitate your program by providing tools to manage the student participant application process, web-conferencing software, outreach communications platforms and post-cruise surveys. A UNOLS Staff member can also attend your pre-cruise training session to provide a presentation that introduces the participants to UNOLS and the Ship Time Requst System.

* Additional support for the Chief Scientist Training Cruise Programs has also been provided by the Office of Naval Research and UNOLS Member institutions, but any form of support is welcome!

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