Travel Form and Guidelines

Travel for UNOLS meetings, workshops and other official business will be reimbursed by the University of Rhode Island (URI) after approval by the UNOLS Office at the Graduate School of Oceanography/URI. The following rules and guidelines should answer most of your questions regarding allowable costs and procedures, please read them before your trip. If you have any additional questions, please email the UNOLS Office or call 401-874-6825.

Upon completion of your travel, please submit the UNOLS Travel Claim Form

UNOLS Travel Guidelines

  • Travel expenses reimbursed by the UNOLS Office under the terms of the Cooperative agreement with the Federal Funding agencies must adhere to the Approved Federal Per Diem Rates unless specifically authorized for higher rates. Access the federal per diem rates for the area you are traveling to here.
  • Airline Reservations: Except for Federal Employees, UNOLS travelers are not eligible for the GSA contracted airline rates. The UNOLS Office can only provide reimbursement for the cost of coach seats. All UNOLS travel must be in compliance with the Fly America Act. In order to keep travel costs within budget, it will be necessary for UNOLS travelers to make their best efforts to obtain lower airfares. Some of the factors that can reduce airline costs are to reserve flights early enough to get advance ticketing discounts, shop airlines and destination or departure cities. As an example, flying in and out of Baltimore instead of National or Dulles can generate big savings. The UNOLS Office can work with you to find the best possible rates while still meeting the demands of your busy schedules. Please book your flights with your own agent or on-line with the air carrier. Reimbursement for the airfare can be included in your travel claim following the meeting. Please submit your original boarding pass, and original copy of your airfare receipt, showing the last 4 digits of your credit card, your name, and the cost paid. Itineraries can be sent also but will not be accepted as receipts for reimbursement.
    • NOTE: If you are planning to arrive early or stay extra days for other business or personal days outside the meeting dates please follow these steps:

          1. Traveler is required to print an online airfare quote for the UNOLS "business portion" dates of travel. This printed quote must be done at the time of airfare booking to ensure dates are compliant with business travel dates. Quotes printed after travel is completed will no longer be accepted.
          2. Book the airfare for your actual trip (including extra days)
          3. Request reimbursement using the least expensive airfare amount. This may be the quote from ‘1’ above and not the cost of the actual airfare
          4. Include all quotes and actual airfare receipts with your request for reimbursement

      * URI will no longer reimburse change of flight fees for personal convenience.  Reimbursement for a flight change will be reimbursed only when accompanied by a written request by either Jon Alberts or Annette DeSilva requesting that you change your flight to accommodate business related to the UNOLS event that you are attending.

      * URI will reimburse baggage fees for one bag per flight only. URI will not reimburse for overweight baggage or any additional fees such as extra legroom.

  • Receipts: Original receipts are required for all requests for reimbursement. The ONLY exception may be public transporation receipts (bus, subway, etc.) when a machine may retain the ticket. Please keep all receipts for travel expenses; you will be required to submit the receipts for all expenses that you will be reimbursed for except for meals. For those receipts that are missing, please complete the Missing Receipt Form, and include the original in your mailed travel receipts. Reimbursement method will be for actual lodging expense (up to approved per diem rate) plus meals and incidental at the per diem rate. Receipts should accompany claims for rental car, parking and all other travel costs. Airfare itineraries are not acceptable as airfare receipts. Airfare receipts should show last four digits of credit card number, name of traveler and cost. If you think you might be renting a car during business travel, you must complete and date prior to your travel, a Rental Vehicle Justification Form. This form must be dated and signed prior to your travel, and mailed with your receipts to the UNOLS office.
  • Tax Exemption: The University of Rhode Island has tax exemption agreements in some states (Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, Michican, Missouri, New Jersey, Ohio, Rhode Island, and South Carolina). If a UNOLS Meeting is scheduled in one of these states, the hotel room block will be setup by the UNOLS Office so that tax should not be included in the traveler’s hotel bill. If you plan to stay at a hotel that is not part of a pre-arranged block, we request that you provide the URI tax exempt number to the hotel so that tax is not included in your bill. The URI Tax Exempt number is 189.
  • Travel Claims/Receiving Reimbursement for Travel: Complete the UNOLS Travel Claim Form and submit it online.  At this point, please mail all of your original receipts to the UNOLS office.  This should include airfare receipt showing last 4 digits of credit card number, name and amount paid; airfare quotes, hotel receipts, transportation receipts and any other toll or gas charges.  Please mail to the following address:

    Karen Besson
    UNOLS Office - Box 32
    URI Graduate School of Oceanography
    215 South Ferry Road
    Narragansett, RI 02882

NOTE FOR FIRST TIME UNOLS TRAVELERS - Please Complete Prior to Booking Travel:

  • W-9 Form: UNOLS travelers will be required to submit a W-9 form to the UNOLS Office in order to be reimbursed by URI. The form can be accessed here. This form can be faxed directly to the UNOLS Office at 401-874-6167 or scanned and emailed to the UNOLS Office. Please contact the UNOLS Office in advance to let us know that the form is being sent. The social security numbers on forms will be entered into a secure site and the form will be shredded. You only need to submit this form once.

    Automatic Bank Deposits: UNOLS Travel reimbursement can be directly deposited into your bank account. To arrange automatic bank deposit of your travel claim, please download and complete the ACH Form and fax it to the UNOLS Office at 401-874-6167. The “Vendor Information” should be completed by the traveler (the traveler is the vendor). The vendor address must match the information that was proved on your W-9 Form. Note: You still have the option of reimbursement by check if preferred.

  •     Graduate School of Oceanography, Box 32
        URI Narragansett Bay Campus
        215 South Ferry Road
        Narragansett, RI 02882