2022 DeSSC New User Program (NUP)

May 24th, 2022 to May 25th, 2022
The in-person event has been postponed. 
See the Agenda below for the login information to the short virtual session 1-3PM Eastern 24May22. 

Key Goals:

The goal of this brief New User meeting will be to introduce the New Users to key aspects of applying for funding for deep-submergence research within the US.  This will be considered an introduction to a later in person meeting, however it will provide the ground work to facilitate interactions before then to allow proposal submission.  As part of that, we will discuss with the new users what barriers they see for funding and how we can address that in the future meeting.

  1. NDSF is a resource before you submit your proposal with key aspects being what is supportable, which vehicles would be appropriate
  2. Timelines for proposals with ship time
  3. The Vehicles must be requested on the Ship time request form
  4. Vehicle costs (while real) are not written into NSF grants but are other agencies
  5. What are the perceived barriers to submitting proposals using Deep Submergence Assets
Meeting Agenda:
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