Upcoming UNOLS Meetings
Fleet Improvement Committee Meeting - October 20, 2014 Washington, DC Area
Council Meeting - October 21, 2014 Washington, DC Area
UNOLS Annual Meeting - October 21 - 22, 2014 Washington, DC Area
2014 RVTEC Meeting- November 17, 2014, Corvallis, OR

2014 INMARTECH Symposium - November 18-21, 2014, Corvallis, OR

Announcements and Important Information

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Call for Photos for New UNOLS Website!
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Call for Nominations -UNOLS Council - Deadline June 8, 2014
WHOI Appoints new Chief Scientist for Deep Submergence - May 2014
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UNOLS News - December 2013 [~66MB - the document might take a few minutes to open]
The NRC Decadal Survey of Ocean Sciences Requests Your Input!!
Learn more about the two newest AGOR Vessels, R/V Sally Ride and R/V Neil Armstrong!
New in Print - Journal of Ocean Technology - Essay by RADM Richard F. Pittenger (Navy retired): Oceanographic Research Ships - History and Future Needs
NSF/ONR 2014 US Academic Fleet Operations Support Findings and Recommendations
UNOLS Vessel Usage Survey Results
UNOLS 2013 Election Results
R/V Sikuliaq, launched!
Links to Non-UNOLS Research Vessel Scheduling Information (EPA, OMAO, USAP, USCG)
Revised UNOLS Ship Classes - August 2011
Follow the Activities of the most recent Chief Scientist Training Cruise Participants
Updates to the Research Vessel Safety Standards
UNOLS Cruise Opportunity Website

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