• Master / Mate

  • Chief Mate

Bryan Davis
Date Available: 
February 1st, 2021
Phone Number: 
  • USCG: STCW Master <3000GT & Towing, II/1, II/2, II/3, II/4, II/5, VI/1, VI/2, VI/3, VI/4, VI/5, VI/6 / Able Seafarer / Medical First Aid Provider / Lifeboatman/PSC / Advanced Firefighting / BT / VSO / National Master <500GRT Oceans / Master of Towing Oceans / Radar Obs (unl) / AB Unlimited
Previous Vessels: 
  • American Courage, COI Cargo, 11688GRT, 615'LWL, Twin GM EMD, 7000HP, USA Unilaq, COI Cargo, 196GRT, 150' LOA, Triple Cat C6, 1800HP, USA Lone Star State, Uninspected Towing, 39GRT, 46' LOA, Twin John Deere, 800HP, USA Columbia River, Uninspected Crewboat, 22GRT, 39' LOA, Twin Detroit 8v71T, 700HP, USA Island Spirit, COI Passenger, 98GRT, 130' LOA, Twin Cat 3508, 2200HP, USA Safari Voyager, STCW Passenger, 1195GT, 170' LWL, Twin Cat 3408, 950HP,St. Kitts & Nevis Sea Screamer, COI Passenger, 82GRT, 65' LWL, Twin Detroit 8v92TA, 1900HP, USA Sea Thunder, COI Passenger, 57GRT, 65' LWL, Twin Cat 3412, 2100 HP, USA Continental Shelf, COI Passenger, 82GRT, 100' LOA, Triple Detroit 12v92TA, 1875HP, USA Super Voyager III, COI Passenger, 99GRT, 100' LOA, Triple Detroit 12v92TA, 1800HP, USA Starship, COI Passenger, 67GRT, 60' LWL, Twin Detroit 8V92TA, 730HP, USA Wilderness Discoverer, COI Passenger, 99GRT, 170' LOA, Twin, 900HP, USA Ampol Responder, COI Utility, 97GRT, 99' LWL, Twin Detroit 6v92, 850HP, USA Ampol Recovery, COI Utility, 98 GRT, 96' LWL, Twin Cat 3408, 660HP, USA Jacks or Better, COI Passenger, 98GRT, 135' LWL, Twin, 700HP, USA Wilderness Explorer, COI Passenger, 94GRT, 180' LOA, Twin, 1800HP, USA Yorktown, COI Passenger, 97GRT, 217' LWL, Twin, USA John Knox, COI Passenger, 7GRT, 40' LWL, Single Detroit 6-71 JD Maffit, COI Passenger, 12GRT, 46' LWL, Single Detroit 6-71 Lookout, Towboat, 25', Twin Outboard Honda, 450HP 526, 25', Towboat, Twin Outboard Mercury, 450HP Parker, 21' Single Outboard Mercury, 250HP Whaler, 18', Single Outboard, Yamaha, 140HP Henry O, 17' Single Outboard, Yamaha, 140 HP Galaxy, 21' Single I/O, 188HP Various RIBs, 8'-20', Misc outboards
Transportation Worker Identification Credentials: 
Valid US Passport: 
Standards of Training, Certification and Watch Keeping: 
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