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Call for Nominations ~
Scientific Committee for Oceanographic Aircraft Research – Chair Position
Deadline - 31 May 21

The UNOLS Scientific Committee for Oceanographic Aircraft Research (SCOAR) is seeking applications and nominations to fill the Chair position that will open in Fall 2021. Experience with the use of aircraft (crewed or uncrewed) or coordinating the use of aircraft with other marine facilities in your research is highly desirable. In particular, individuals who have used or plan to use the aircraft facilities that are part of the Navy’s Center for Interdisciplinary Remotely-Piloted Aircraft Studies (CIRPAS) and/or other academic-oceanographic airborne platforms fielded by UNOLS institutions or government agencies are desired.
The SCOAR provides advice and recommendations to the National Oceanographic Aircraft Facility managers and supporting federal agencies on aspects of operations, sensor development, utilization, and data services as appropriate.  In addition, SCOAR provides the ocean science user community with information regarding aircraft technologies, facility usage, and capabilities.  The Committee promotes collaborations and cooperation between facility operators, funding agencies and the scientific community to improve the availability, capabilities, and quality of aircraft facilities supporting the ocean sciences.  For more information about SCOAR, visit their website at: and the SCOAR Charter is here:  Questions can be directed to the current SCOAR Chair, Luc Lenain,

The term of office is for three years, for no more than two consecutive terms.  SCOAR members are expected to attend one SCOAR meeting annually. Additionally, the SCOAR Chair is a voting member of the UNOLS Council and is expected to participate in their three meetings annually.
The current SCOAR membership includes:

  • Luc Lenain (SIO), Chair - outgoing
  • Roni Avissar (Miami)
  • Christopher Zappa (LDEO)
  • Brittin Stephens (NCAR)
  • Michael Starek (TAMU)
  • Hanumat Singh (NEU)
  • Andrew Woogen (RVTEC Rep – ex-officio)
  • NPS ex-officio representatives: Anthony Bucholtz, Roy Woods

All nominations for SCOAR Chair should be accompanied by:
1.     The nominee’s current C.V.
2.     A statement of interest from the nominee to serve on SCOAR
3.     The nominee’s summary of experience using aircraft facilities (crewed and uncrewed).
Copies of these materials should be sent to the UNOLS Office <> by May 31, 2021. The UNOLS Chair will appoint the new SCOAR Chair from recommendations made by the SCOAR.  Regional and institutional diversity will be considered in choosing a new member. The new Chair position will become effective in late summer 2021.