Call for Nominations - Scientific Committee for Oceanographic Aircraft Research (SCOAR)

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Call for Nominations

Scientific Committee for Oceanographic Aircraft Research (SCOAR)

The UNOLS Scientific Committee for Oceanographic Aircraft Research (SCOAR) is seeking applications and nominations to fill a committee position that will open in July 2020. Experience with the use of aircraft (manned or unmanned) or coordinating the use of aircraft with other marine facilities in your research is highly desirable. In particular, individuals who have used or plan to use the Navy’s Twin Otter operated at the Naval Postgraduate School and/or other academic-oceanographic airborne platforms fielded by UNOLS institutions or government agencies are desired.

The term of office is three years and a member may serve one additional three-year term. For more information about SCOAR visit the website at:

Applicants or nominees should submit:

  • A current C.V

  • A statement of interest to serve on SCOAR

  • A summary of experience using or operating aircraft (manned or unmanned) facilities for oceanographic research.

Copies of these materials should be sent to the UNOLS Office <> by July 8, 2029. For additional information about SCOAR and committee responsibilities contact the SCOAR Chair, Luc Lenain at <> or Alice Doyle at <>.

Regional and institutional diversity will be considered in choosing a new member.* Committee members are appointed by the UNOLS Chair based on the recommendation of the SCOAR members and with the concurrence of the UNOLS Council.

* To maintain institutional diversity on the SCOAR, applicants should be from institutions other than those that will continue to be represented on the SCOAR. These institutions are: SIO, NCAR, LDEO, TAMU, Northeastern U, and L-DEO.