Call for Nominations - Research Vessel Operators Committee's Safety Committee

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~ Call for Nominations ~


Research Vessel Operators Committee’s Safety



Nomination Deadline – June 25, 2021


The UNOLS RVOC Safety Committee is seeking applications and

nominations to fill three committee positions that are currently open.

Experience with all aspects of research vessel operations and marine

safety are highly desirable. This includes marine engineering, marine

transportation, scientific laboratory practices and safety regulations

which are all highly desirable areas of expertise. Familiarization with

the UNOLS Research Vessel Safety Standards (RVSS) is helpful.

Regional and institutional diversity will be considered in choosing a

new member. The term of office is three years and a member may

serve one additional three-year term.


For more information about the RVOC and the Safety Committee

please visit the website at:

Applicants or nominees should submit a brief statement of interest in

serving on the Safety Committee along with a CV to the UNOLS Office

by email to


Statements of Interest and CVs are requested by June 25, 2021.

Committee members are appointed by the Chair of the UNOLS

Research Vessel Operators Committee based on the recommendation

of the Safety Committee.