Marine Sediment Sampling Principal Investigator Training

Marine Sediment Sampling Principal Investigator Training Application

is now Open!

The Application for the National Science Foundation-supported training for principal investigators leading collection of marine sediment samples utilizing the U.S. Academic Research Fleet (ARF) is now open! This training will consist of two five-day workshops bracketing a ten day participant-led cruise (8/23/22-9/1/22) aboard the R/V Roger Revelle, during which participants will gain hands on experience via planning and executing a successful sampling program.

Training will cover the capabilities of the various ARF platforms/facilities and utilizing the UNOLS Marine Facilities Planning (MFP) System, site selection including use of legacy core and geophysical data, selection of appropriate sampling equipment to meet scientific goals, shipboard site survey, sample collection, physical properties logging, and core description, core curation and archival techniques and ingesting of recovered materials into the NSF Marine Geology Repository system.

Note that a NE Pacific regional emphasis in your research is *not* necessary to benefit from this training. The diversity of geologic environments on the southern Oregon margin make it a useful testing ground for understanding site selection and equipment operation suitable for a wide variety of scientific objectives - developing skills which readily translate to study of marine geologic environments around the world.

Participants will be required to travel to Corvallis, OR from Aug 16th - Sept 5th 2022. Support will be available to defray participant travel and shore based accommodations and meal support/per diem will be provided through Oregon State University.

Although not required, we encourage participation from individuals affiliated with pending, submitted or funded NSF proposals, or outside agencies with plans to use UNOLS resources. To promote equitable distribution of this capacity building we also particularly encourage applications from members of diverse and underrepresented demographics in marine geosciences.

The application form can be found here.

Application review begins on Feb 01 2022.

Please reach out with questions to