Call for Nominations - Arctic Icebreaker Coordinating Committee Chair

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Call for Nominations

Arctic Icebreaker Coordinating Committee

UNOLS is seeking nominations and applications for the Chair of the Arctic Icebreaker Coordinating Committee (AICC).

The purpose of the AICC is to provide Arctic science projects with planning assistance and to liaise and facilitate communications between U.S. Arctic scientists, funding agencies, and facility providers. Specifically, the AICC is to provide oversight and advice to the U.S. Coast Guard for the purpose of enhancing facilities and science aboard their icebreaker fleet. Incumbent in this is the requirement that AICC solicit, synthesize, and present the needs of the Arctic science community to the Coast Guard, fulfilling an ombudsman role when necessary, to facilitate efficient and effective utilization of U.S. icebreakers. It is also the responsibility of the AICC to promote new technology for Arctic assets in order to maintain cutting-edge capability for these facilities.

The purpose of the AICC is also to promote the best utilization of Arctic icebreaker facilities, provide sufficient lead-time for planning purposes, and provide information to the scientific community to organize research projects. The AICC shall work with the user community, U.S. federal sponsors, and the operators of other polar facilities to actively encourage expeditions using U.S. Coast Guard icebreakers and U.S. Academic Research Fleet ice-capable vessels in a phased manner that meets the needs of a wide spectrum of Arctic scientists. Additionally, the AICC shall actively encourage the advancement of cooperative international programs for the enhancement of multidisciplinary Arctic science throughout the academic community.

Candidates should have polar experience. The AICC particularly seeks members who can bring contributions such as:

  • experience with Arctic research using USCGC HEALY and/or R/V Sikuliaq,
  • broader international perspectives from research experience on foreign icebreakers,
  • research experience involving US or foreign icebreakers in the Antarctic,
  • expertise in any areas of Arctic science that USCGC HEALY and R/V Sikuliaq can in principle support

The AICC Chair is appointed by the UNOLS Chair based on the recommendation of the AICC and with the concurrence of the UNOLS Council.   The AICC Chair is also a member of the UNOLS Council.

The AICC Chair is expected to chair two AICC meetings annually. One meeting is normally held in the fall / early winter in Seattle, WA. The second meeting is typically a virtual one held in the spring / early summer. The AICC Chair also participates in UNOLS Council meetings.  Terms of office is for three years, with the possibility of re-election for a second term. For additional information about AICC, please visit the committee website at:  < Arctic Icebreaker Coordinating Committee>

Nominees and applicants should submit:
• A current C.V.
• A statement of interest to serve on FIC
• A summary of experience using research vessels and other oceanographic facilities.

The nominee’s statement of interest should include how their efforts, service and/or scholarship have supported the introduction of ocean sciences to communities underrepresented in ocean sciences community and fostered an environment of respect which enables all individuals to excel; applicants who have not yet had the opportunity for such experience should note how their work will further the UNOLS’  commitment to diversity.

Copies of these materials should be sent to the UNOLS Office < > by September 1, 2021. For additional information about FIC and committee responsibilities contact the AICC Chair, Sam Laney < >.