Senior Information Technologist

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University of Rhode Island
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Dec 14, 2022

Responsible for information technology systems and computing resources on URI research vessels and shore facilities. Advise the management and technical staff on developing technologies, maintaining a philosophy of continuous improvement in the compute domain. Provide authoritative assistance to customers. May also serve as senior technologist on a project team that involves other support staff. Perform duties and responsibilities with minimal supervision.


Serve as the senior technologist responsible for high performance and highly available networks.

Analyze the information technology needs of the Marine Operations Department and GSO Information Technology Department to determine appropriate solutions.

Perform duties at sea on URI operated research vessels up to 20 days per year non-consecutively.

Responsible for the operability, reliability, and maintenance of L2/L3 network infrastructure including: Design for high availability and fault tolerance, Maintain cyberinfrastructure inventory and lifecycle management plan, Develop remote monitoring techniques for a vessel at sea, and Develop remote access techniques for a vessel at sea.

Responsible for the operability, reliability, and maintenance of computing resources including: Backup and disaster recovery planning, Author and maintain documentation, diagrams, and procedures, and Desktop support for Linux, Mac, and Windows workstation.

Assist in the operability, reliability, and maintenance of industrial networked infrastructure including: IP video and camera systems, IP KVM systems, VOIP intercom and telephone systems, and Networked Operational Technology “OT” systems related to ship control.

Provide authoritative technical consultation.

Provide detailed budgets for IT infrastructure.

Order materials, software and services related to duties.

Maintain vendor relationships and support contracts.


Perform the duties of an Information Technologist.

Host occasional informal training seminars on network policy.

Co-author proposals for innovative telecommunication projects.

Maintain a high level of understanding of current developments in the assigned area of responsibility and anticipate future needs.

Attend occasional conferences and seminars related to duties.

Perform other duties as required.

1. Bachelor’s degree.

2. Minimum of two years of information technology experience or four years of experience working in a position which included a substantial amount (>50%) of information technology work.

3. Demonstrated understanding of networking theory and practices.

4. Demonstrated experience working as part of a team on one or more of the following various projects ranging from: configuring network appliances such as switches and routers, configuring network management applications, troubleshooting network problems at any level, troubleshooting and repairing telephone systems, fiber optic systems, broadband video systems.

5. Demonstrated experience working independently.

6. Demonstrated strong interpersonal and verbal communication skills.

7. Demonstrated proficiency in written communication skills.

8. Demonstrated ability to work with diverse groups/populations.

9. Must have or be eligible to obtain a passport, Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC), and driver’s license.


1. Bachelor’s degree in a computing, technology, or engineering field.

2. Demonstrated evidence of one or more vendor industry certifications such as Cisco, Dell, Aruba, Palo Alto, Arista, etc.

3.Demonstrated experience sailing on a ship at sea.
About Employer: 
The University of Rhode Island is hiring an experienced Senior Information Technologist to join our team of dedicated marine & technical professionals at the Graduate school of Oceanography (GSO).

This is an exciting time for GSO as we approach the retirement of our 185ft. flagship research vessel the R/V Endeavor after over 45 years of exemplary service. Our brand new state of the art 199ft. Research vessel the R/V Narragansett Dawn is expected to begin service in early 2024.
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