Senior Information Technologist

University of Rhode Island
Serve as the senior technologist responsible for high performance and highly available networks.

Analyze the information technology needs of the Marine Operations Department and GSO Information Technology Department to determine appropriate solutions.

Perform duties at sea on URI operated research vessels approximately 20 days per year non-consecutively.

Responsible for the operability, reliability, and maintenance of L2/L3 network infrastructure including: Design for high availability and fault tolerance, Maintain cyberinfrastructure inventory and lifecycle management plan, Develop remote monitoring techniques for a vessel at sea, and Develop remote access techniques for a vessel at sea.

Responsible for the operability, reliability, and maintenance of computing resources including: Backup and disaster recovery planning, Author and maintain documentation, diagrams, and procedures, Administration of Domain Controllers,

Administration of cluster computing infrastructure, Administration of virtualization infrastructure, Administration of storage infrastructure, and Desktop support for Linux, Mac, and Windows workstation.

Assist in the operability, reliability, and maintenance of industrial networked infrastructure including: IP video and camera systems, IP KVM systems, VOIP intercom and telephone systems, and Networked Operational Technology “OT” systems related to ship control.

Provide authoritative technical consultation.

Provide detailed budgets for IT infrastructure.

Order materials, software and services related to duties.

Maintain vendor relationships and support contracts.
1. Bachelor’s degree, OR, Post-secondary computer/electronics certification (e.g., State of Rhode Island Telecommunications System Technicians License) and two years professional experience.

2. Minimum of two years of information technology experience or four years of experience working in a position which included a substantial amount (>50%) of information technology work.

3. Demonstrated understanding of networking theory and practices.

4. Demonstrated experience working as part of a team on one or more of the following various projects ranging from: configuring network appliances such as switches and routers, configuring network management applications, troubleshooting network problems at any level, troubleshooting and repairing telephone systems, fiber optic systems, broadband video systems.

5. Demonstrated experience in Bash or PowerShell scripting.

6. Demonstrated experience working independently.

7. Demonstrated strong interpersonal and verbal communication skills.

8. Demonstrated proficiency in written communication skills.

9. Demonstrated ability to work with diverse groups/populations.

10. Must have or be eligible to obtain a passport, Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC), and driver’s license.
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The Graduate School of Oceanography at the University of Rhode Island is one of the worlds premier academic institutions of oceanography and ocean exploration.
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