Research Technician (ResTech)

Job Details

University of California, San Diego, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
Function as liaison between scientific party and ship’s crew while on research expeditions. Oversee deck operations, equipment stowage, and handling of scientific samples. Maintain inventory of shipboard equipment and supplies for science operations. Manage and/or assist with shipment of science equipment to and from ship in port. Oversee loading and unloading of science equipment on research ships. Assemble, operate and maintain oceanographic sampling equipment for collection of geological, physical, chemical and biological data. Operate and maintain underway data instruments including digital echosounders, towed magnetometers and uncontaminated seawater systems. Operate and maintain CTD and XBT systems. Must be able to undertake these responsibilities with only general supervision while at sea.
Ability to work independently and perform marine duties under general supervision at all times.

Good mental flexibility and physical agility to deal with changing situations and systems.

Proficient in oceanographic data collection and processing techniques.

Must be able to organize a complex array of jobs and supervise their execution on large research vessels.

Ability to work around ships and ensure that high safety standards are maintained by the scientific party.

Understanding of basic electronics troubleshooting techniques.

Proven ability to effectively work in Windows and linux operating systems.

Demonstrated ability to work with machine tools.

Must be able to delegate authority and responsibility as required to complete tasks.

Degree in natural or physical science, or engineering, and one year of related experience; or anequivalent combination of education and experience.

Good interpersonal skills. Must be able to work cooperatively with a wide variety of people, both in terms of academic background and age.

For all physical tasks must be in good physical condition and be prepared to perform heavy physical labor as required.

Ability to operate large mechanical devices, e.g. cranes, forklifts and winches.
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