QMED Oiler Start 11/1/1022

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Closing Date: 
Dec 31, 2022
eporting to the Engineering Officer on Watch, assists engineers with the proper operation, maintenance, and repair of equipment, performs general engine room duties, and stands watches.
Merchant Mariner Credential with QMED endorsemment, STCW Basic Training, VPDSD, Passport, Covid VAccination and Booster, Medical Certificate
About Employer: 
oods Hole Oceanographic Institution is the world's leading, independent non-profit organization dedicated to ocean research, exploration, and education. Our scientists and engineers push the boundaries of knowledge about the ocean to reveal its impacts on our planet and our lives.
Contact Information: 
Beth Ryan 774 392 0067 or email bryan@whoi.edu You can also apply at https://careers.whoi.edu/