Mate / Marine Technician R/V Shearwater

Job Details

Duke University/University of North Carolina
Full time, benefit eligible position
Position serves as the full-time Mate/ Marine Technician of the new 77’ aluminum catamaran oceanographic research vessel, RV Shearwater, operated by Duke University and located at the Duke University Marine Laboratory in Beaufort, NC.

Reporting to the Captain of the RV Shearwater, this position will be acting as crew, assisting the Captain with vessel operations and maintenance. This position will also be acting as marine technician, overseeing the operation and maintenance of shipboard scientific research equipment. Seagoing and shore efforts will be split between frequent cruises. Some work on weekends and holidays will be required.

Work Performed
Reports to and works collaboratively with the Captain.
Assists the Captain in the operation of the vessel.
Stands navigation watch in rotation as required
Serves as a deckhand by handling lines and rigging equipment
Operates deck machinery and cargo handling equipment, including the launch/recovery of the RHIB and other overt-the-side scientific equipment
Under the direction of the Captain, performs general maintenance duties to include interior and exterior preventative maintenance and housekeeping
Participation in a Chemical Testing Program as defined by 46 CFR parts 4 and 16, 33 CFR part 95 and 49 CFR part 40.
Performs other related duties under the direction of the Captain

Marine Technician
Serve as a seagoing marine technician
Participates in cruise planning, the preparation and staging of scientific equipment, and the scheduling of equipment requests
Works with the Captain to ensure the safety and effectiveness of over-the-side scientific equipment deployments and recoveries.
Provides oversight and technical assistance of shipboard scientific sampling for science party, students and passengers. Instructs personnel proper use of shipboard scientific equipment and assists in the collection of data that will be used in archival scientific publications and databases
Working with the Chief Scientist and Captain, determines the best process for collection of the data, and provides an initial assessment of the quality of the data
Installs, calibrates, upgrades, maintains, repairs and manages shipboard scientific equipment and electronic systems
Fulfills the post‐cruise obligation of data dissemination to scientists and national data archives
Position requires international travel. Valid passport is required.
Preferred Qualifications
Maritime Academy graduate or degree in science, mathematics or engineering.
United States Coast Guard (USCG) Merchant Marine Credential any tonnage
Experience with oceanographic research cruises and methods

REQUIRED: Minimum Qualifications
USCG Able Seaman document
USCG Medical Certificate
USCG approved drug test
CPR and First Aid training certificate
High School Diploma or equivalent
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