Assistant Marine Development Engineer

Job Details

University of Rhode Island
ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Under supervision, design, test, calibrate, and operate laboratory and oceanographic equipment and instrumentation, with troubleshooting, operating, and repairing associated mechanical and electronic systems. Perform non-routine engineering tasks as they arise. Order components and maintain an inventory of components and supplies for instrument maintenance and fabrication. Assist with instrument maintenance and fabrication. Organize logistics for shipping, fieldwork, and cruise preparations. Participate in scientific research cruises and other marine fieldwork. Write reports on instrumentation operation, development, and testing. OTHER DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: Perform additional duties as required. LICENSES, TOOLS AND EQUIPMENT: Windows and UNIX computer systems, printers and word processing, AutoCAD (or equivalent), Matlab, database management and spreadsheet software.
REQUIRED:1. Bachelor’s degree in engineering or related field.2. Minimum two years of professional electronics experience.3. Demonstrated computer skills (i.e., Matlab, AutoCAD, database management and spreadsheets).4. Demonstrated strong interpersonal and verbal communication skills.5. Demonstrated proficiency in written communication skills.6. Willingness to work at sea or in the field for extended periods of time.7. Demonstrated experience with logistics support for oceanographic or other field programs.8. Demonstrated ability to work with diverse groups/populations.
PREFERRED:1. Demonstrated experience with aquaculture system design.2. Demonstrated experience with biological, experimental, and sampling systems.3. Demonstrated experience with marine robotics and deep-submergence vehicles. ALL REQUIREMENTS ARE SUBJECT TO POSSIBLE MODIFICATION TO REASONABLY ACCOMMODATE INDIVIDUALS WITH DISABILITIES.