Assistant Marine Captain/Mate

Florida Institute of Oceanography
Perform Second Officer (Mate) duties on 115 ft and 78 ft research vessels. Stands watch as navigating officer of the watch at sea under the direction of the ship's Master. Navigates by use of electronic equipment and other means. Maneuvers the vessel as necessary to conduct oceanographic work, utilizing navigational charts. Conducts shipboard and ship-to-shore communications.

Responsible for safety and welfare of vessel and crew in the absence of or incapacitation of the Marine Captain. Responsible for safe navigation and piloting of the vessel including maneuvering in tight quarters, deploying and recovering over the side scientific equipment, deployment, and recovery of oceanographic buoys, supporting SCUBA diving operation, and anchoring in various weather conditions. Directs and supervises crew day-to-day activities in the absence of Marine Captain in port or underway. Participate and Assign watch duties to crew members and work directly with Captain and chief scientists to ensure perform assigned tasks safely. Prepares administrative reports related to vessels, not limited to maintaining charts and vessel logs, collecting and verifying timesheets.
Directs watch as helmsman, Maintains the cleanliness and general condition of the pilothouse, chart room, vessel control stations, and navigating equipment.

Vessel Safety Officer onboard. Responsible for inspection, service, and training of all survival equipment. Ensures the crew and science party have and use all personal safety equipment. Conducts training on portable power and equipment. Conducts and coordinates shipboard safety briefings and orientation for science parties on all safety procedures and emergency drill procedures. Active shipboard

drills and emergency training, including ashore. Knowledge of engineering procedures for rounds while in port and underway to support the engineering dept. An integral part of the shipboard emergency response team. An integral member of the vessel training team. Responsible for training crew in areas of deck operations and deck evolution, cargo handling, seamanship, marlinspike seamanship, small boat operations, all deck machinery (U-frame, A-frame, deck crane, winches, and scientific gear) safety procedures. When in port oversee shipboard maintenance plan/logs. Supervises topside and interior maintenance to include hull, decks, bulkheads, bulwarks, deck machinery, interior living, science and common spaces, and all other associated spaces and equipment and has direct hands-on involvement. Duties include oversight of cleanliness, health, and sanitation of all areas of the vessel. Support deckhand and scientists.

Participates and makes recommendations as part of the management team for recruitment pertaining to research vessels. Supervise marine Cook(s) and Deckhand(s). Evaluate, address employee relations issues by working with FIO- HR team. Approve/track employee's ALT. Work with Marine Captain to develop procedural manuals (operations, safety, emergencies, etc) for dissemination. Request purchase orders as necessary.

Knowledge of engineering plant and proper procedure for engineering rounds while in port and underway. Support deckhand and scientists on deck. Other assigned duties by Captain or Marine Superintendent.
Licensed as a Master, Ocean, any grade, or as a Mate, Ocean or Near Coastal in accordance with Title 46, Part 10 of the Code of Federal Regulations with qualifications appropriate to the assigned vessel(s); R/V Weatherbird and Hogarth require an MMC license is a 200T; with (2) two years of at-sea shipboard experience in operating a marine vessel, including pilothouse duties involving navigation of the vessel, one year of which must have been on a marine vessel operating on the ocean or near coastal waters. Successful completion of firefighting and radar observer courses approved by the U.S. Coast Guard is required. Possession of a current certificate of completion for Standards of Training certification, and Watchkeeping, Basic Safety Training (STCW-95, BST), First Aid/CPR, Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC), valid driver's license, and U.S. passport at the time of hire.

Bachelor's degree and two (2) years experience in piloting marine research vessel operations, supervision of a crew to support the mission and function of the area of responsibility. Demonstrated knowledge of U.S. Coast Guard rules and regulations, American Bureau of Shipping requirements and vessel stability; Maritime Laws; Current with all applicable laws, regulations, treaties, CFRs, USCG-NVICs; OSHA regulations: Proficient in Dynamic Positioning Systems; knowledge of logistic planning both for domestic and foreign waters/ports.
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The Florida Institute of Oceanography (FIO) is a state-wide Academic Infrastructure Support Organization (AISO) established in 2009 by the Chancellor and Board of Governors (BOG) of the State University System (SUS) and hosted by the USF College of Marine Science located in St. Petersburg, Florida. The FIO operates under a Memorandum of Understanding with 32 institutions and agencies engaged in marine research, education, and resources management, including all 12 public universities, providing collaborating opportunities across academia, government, and private sector for educational, training, research, and public outreach opportunities for students and scientists across Florida. The FIO has two major sea-going vessels, the R/V Hogarth and R/V Weatherbird II, along with the land-based Keys Marine Laboratory located in Layton, Florida provide science and education capabilities. Combined, these platforms have supported over 10,000 undergraduate and graduate students Statewide since 2009, allowing students to connect first-hand with scientific research conducted along Florida's coast.

FIO is hosted by the University of South Florida:

About USF
The University of South Florida is a high-impact global research university dedicated to student success. Over the past 10 years, no other public university in the country has risen faster in U.S. News and World Report's national university rankings than USF. Serving more than 50,000 students on campuses in Tampa, St. Petersburg and Sarasota-Manatee, USF is designated as a Preeminent State Research University by the Florida Board of Governors, placing it in the most elite category among the state's 12 public
universities. USF is a member of the American Athletic Conference.
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