Able Bodied Seaman

Job Details

University of Washington

Perform all skilled deck duties aboard an ocean research vessel of approximately 2000 gross tons. Under general supervision, responsible for deck duties such as operation and maintenance of deck machinery and small craft, routine hull and deck maintenance, line handling, and helm duties in restricted or inland waters. Lubricate and assist in maintaining machinery and rigging; act as lookout; stand wheel watches in any waters; stand security watches, as required; chip, paint, and otherwise maintain deck and hull; maintain rescue boats and rescue boat equipment; operate rescue boats and rescue boat handling equipment; operate all scientific handling equipment such as -- hydrographic winches, deep coring winch, A-frame, J-frame and all cranes; load stores and assist in inventory; assist in handling emergencies such as fire; participate in training of mariner skills; make expendable bathythermographic casts; handle lines for berthing or leaving berth; handle anchors, operate windlass; perform clean up work; perform related duties as required. Minimum Qualifications: Merchant Mariner Credential endorsed as Able-Bodied Seaman. STCW-95.
AB Unlimited MMC, STCW Basic Training, Medical Certificate, Passport, TWIC, Covid vaccination and Booster
Contact Information: 
Bodhi Clarke
UW Port Captain
206 786 8051