2nd Mate

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University of Washington
Serve as second officer aboard ship. Serve as second officer and third in command of an ocean research ship of approximately 2000 gross tons. Stand bridge watches operating and navigating the ship; plan and teach courses in seamanship and other marine specialties; order and maintain ship's charts, publications and navigation supplies; prepare track of scientific cruises; serve as officer in charge of gyrocompass; maintain log and perform routine maintenance; responsible for readiness of electronic equipment; perform operating tests; serve as officer in charge of after-deck entering or leaving port or anchorage; stand security watch when required. Perform related duties as required. Legal Requirement: A U.S. Coast Guard Second Mate’s license valid for operation of an inspected motor vessel of unlimited tonnage, upon ocean waters. STCW-95.
2nd Mate's unlimited, upon ocean
STCW Med Cert
Vaccination and Booster
About Employer: 
The R/V Thomas G. Thompson is owned by the Office of Naval Research (ONR) and operated under a Charter Party agreement by the School of Oceanography at the University of Washington as part of the Academic Research Fleet, within the UNOLS framework (University National Oceanographic Laboratories System). The R/V Thomas G. Thompson (AGOR-23) was constructed by Halter Marine and was delivered to ONR on 8 July 1991 and recently completed its mid-life overhaul at the end of 2017. The Thompson is 274 ft in length, 52.5 ft. beam, and at full load has a 19 foot draft. The normal cruising speed is 11 knots, and the Thompson offers a ships complement of 21 officers and crew, 2 marine technicians, and berthing for up to 36 scientists.
Contact Information: 
Bodhi Clarke
Port Captain
School of Oceanography
University of Washington
C: (206)786-8051
W: (206) 221-6920