Shipboard Civility - Fostering a Respectful Work Environment (Video)

The Federal Agencies are striving to improve civility and eliminate harassment in the workplace, in particular those places associated with the performance of shipboard oceanographic research as scheduled both at sea and ashore. NOAA spear-headed a new video titled "Civility at Sea", directed towards the research community, and will also be required viewing for ships in the U.S. Academic Research Fleet. A similar video will be shown on UK vessels, so with NOAA, ARF, USAP, UK, showing the same video, we believe that our collective efforts will benefit our community both at sea on ships and ashore. Our goal is to create a professional environment in which university employees as well as scientists and students find an inviting, safe, and respectful working and learning experience, while feeling free to raise concerns, and are confident that those concerns will be addressed.

You can view the training video below, or CLICK HERE to download the video file.

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