AGENDA - 9-10 December 2010

Arctic Icebreaker Coordinating Committee (AICC) Meeting

Rainier Room

U.S. Coast Guard Facility

Alaskan Way

Seattle, WA


A PDF version of this agenda is also available: 201012aicag.pdf


DAY 1 - Thursday 9 December:


0800 - Continental Breakfast


0830 - Convene


Welcome and Introductions


AICC Chair - Robin Muench


General business & reports


Review and approve minutes of last meeting if a quorum is present

Chair report - Robin Muench

              Committee Activities

              Review of Action items

UNOLS Reports

              UNOLS –Jon Alberts

              CG Tech training on UNOLS vessels - Jon Alberts

              RVOC - Dan Schwartz

Agency Reports

              NSF/OPP/Arctic Report - Hedy Edmonds/Alex Isern/Lisa Clough


                          Arctic science support solicitation

                          Alaskan native observer program

                          PRV refresh project

                          CH2MHILL Polar Services - Faustine Mercer


1015-1030 - Coffee Break


              USGS – Larry Mayer

              ONR - Mike Prince

              NOAA Arctic Research Program - Kevin Wood

              National Ice Center - TBD

              USARC - John Farrell


1130-1300 - Lunch Break at The Pyramid


USCG Reports

              Coast Guard Headquarters - Mike Krause

              Pacific Area - Alameda and Seattle - Greg Somers

              District 17 - Greg Somers


Update on R/V Sikuliaq


Steve Hartz


Operations, scheduling, and planning for 2011 and beyond

HEALY 2011 cruise schedule - Dave Forcucci

POLAR SEA repairs, maintenance and 2011 cruise activity - Michael Ciaglo

POLAR STAR Yard work 2011 - Michael Ciaglo


1430-1435 - Coffee Break


Interactions with others - clearances, permits, native communities


HEALY/POLAR SEA/D17 comms with northern communities - Phil McGillivary

              New format for annual summary cruise description charts - Dave Forcucci

              New informational material for investigators on IceFloe for - Lee Cooper

Foreign research vessels in US EEZ; cruises and clearances - Dave Forcucci/Greg        Somers

HEALY foreign EEZ clearance applications for 2010 - Dave Forcucci


1630 - Adjourn General Meeting for The Day


1630-1800 - AICC Executive Session


1900 - Group Dinner at Ivars, Pier 54, 1001 Alaskan Way, Seattle





0800 - Continental Breakfast


0830 - Convene


Science modifications, infrastructure and equipment


HEALY priorities and status - Dale Chayes & Dave Forcucci

              New multibeam

              150 kHz ADCP temporary installation and replacement plan

              ADCP switch to UHDAS software and support

              TSG/PCO2 system plan

              HEALY computer lab renovation

              HEALY and POLAR SEA winch monitoring upgrade to UNOLS specs - Dave                           Forcucci

              HEALY bow van relocations - Dave Forcucci


POLAR SEA science equipment status - Phil McGillivary


1015-1030 - Coffee Break


Science operations and technical support


Ongoing services

              ESU report, science data net - Jim Wilson

     - Dave Forcucci

              Science tech support - Dale Chayes & Dave Forcucci

              Ice imagery - Dave Forcucci


AICC business and Other Issues


Other new business

            ● Addition of "on-ice operations" to the debrief form - Don Perovich


 Other old business


 Next meeting - 19-20 April 2011 in Arlington, Virginia


1200 - Adjourn Meeting