Draft Agenda

Rev 2/5/2007

The UNOLS Marcus Langseth Science Oversight Committee (MLSOC)
in conjunction with the Ewing Replacement Oversight Conversion Committee (EROCC)

Will meet on

March 19-20, 2007 (Monday and Tuesday)
Texas A & M at Galveston
(Mitchell Campus on Pelican Island)
Sea Aggie Center, Building 3026 - Room 601
200 Seawolf Parkway
Galveston, TX 77553
(map link goes to 1800 Seawolf Pkwy - Sea Aggie center is to the left (west) a few blocks)


Monday - March 19 - TAMU Sea Aggie Center

0800 - Continental Breakfast

0830 - Joint EROCC/MLSOC Session with introductions, overview of meeting and status update by LDEO and NSF

0930 - Break and travel to MARCUS LANGSETH for tour and overview of scientific spaces and conversion work.

1200 - Lunch in town

1300 - Return to ship if needed, otherwise back to Sea Aggie Center.

1400 - Separate sessions

ERROC - Review outstanding conversion issues and make recommendations

MLSOC - Determine priority of issues for consideration by MLSOC

15:15 Break

1530 Joint session - recommendations/discussion regarding Testing and Calibration cruise planning and wrap up for the day.

1700 - Adjourn

Tuesday - March 20 - TAMU Sea Aggie Center

0800 - Continental Breakfast

0830 - Joint Session - brief reports from each committee, Q&A, discussion

0930 - LDEO and/or NSF reports, any other presentations of interest to both groups
           (OR break out to separate groups if this is not needed.)

1000 - Break, divide into separate sessions (if not already there)

Continue individual committee discussions

1200 - Lunch (box lunches will be available)

1300 - Wrap up as needed in joint or separate sessions

1500 - Adjourn