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RVTEC Officers
David Fisichella, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (RVTEC Chair)
David O'Gorman, Oregon State University (RVTEC Chair Elect)
RVTEC Representatives to other UNOLS Standing Committees
Steve Hartz, UAF - Arctic Icebreaker Coordinating Committee Representative

Marc Willis, OSU - Fleet Improvement Committee Representative


Steve Hartz, U. Alaska - Scientific Committee for Oceanographic Aircraft Research
Jeff Rupert, LDEO - Marcus Langseth Science Oversight Committee
RVTEC Representatives to UNOLS Subcommittees
Scott Ferguson, U. Hawaii - Post Cruise Assessment Report Subcommittee
RVTEC Subcommittees
Radio Frequency Spectrum Subcommittee - Richard Perry (Chair) (LDEO), Toby Martin (OSU), Steve Hartz (UAF)
Wire Subcommittee - Rich Findley (U. Miama/HBOI)
Training and Education - Aubri Steele (U.Miami)
SWAP Committee - Toby Martin (OSU)
Nominating Committee - Appointed by RVTEC Chair annually.



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RVTEC Letters, Recommendations and Summary Reports


Report Description Document Document date
RVTEC Response to Council Regarding HighSeasNet Shadowing Issues <HighSeasNet_RVTEC_Response_Feb08.pdf> Feb 2008
RVTEC Chair Report to UNOLS Council <RVTEC_Chair_report_Feb08.pdf> Feb 2008
RF Spectrum use within the UNOLS Oceanographic community
A report to the National Science Foundation - Submitted by Richard Perry (LDEO)
<RF_Spectrum_Report_to_NSF_111907.pdf Nov 2007
Radio Frequency Spectrum Survey - forms

Oceanographic researchers that use of the RF Spectrum are encouraged to complete the survey forms posted below. If you prefer an excel version of the form, please contact the UNOLS Office.


Nov 2007

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RVTEC Meeting Announcements and Minutes:

2010 RVTEC Meeting Minutes
2009 RVTEC Meeting Minutes

2008 RVTEC Meeting Minutes

2007 RVTEC Meeting Minutes

2006 RVTEC Meeting Minutes

INMARTECH 2006 Symposium

2005 RVTEC Meeting Minutes
2004 RVTEC Meeting Minutes

2003 RVTEC Meeting Minutes

2002 RVTEC Meeting Minutes

2001 RVTEC Meeting Minutes

2000 RVTEC Meeting Minutes


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