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  • Welcome to the UNOLS Marine Technician Resources page. Below are links to References, Best Practices, Tips, Tools and Tricks of the Trade for some systems installed on UNOLS Research Vessels.

    Choose a system from the left-hand Menu and see what is available.

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    System Document Author Date Description
    The ADCP and UHDAS A Short Course on the ADCP and UHDAS Hummom Jan2012 A presentation the NOAA MT Refresher Training
    UHDAS UHDAS & CODAS Documentation Hummon 10Jun11
    UHDAS Technical Documentation     Technical documentation on how to run the system
    Additional ADCP Info     Calculating ocean velocity, system failures, signatures of bad data
    UHDAS Installations      
    RDI RDI Library & Reference Center RDI    
    Online Tutorials & Training RDI    
    VMDAS User's Guide      
    Hydrographic Doppler Sonar System (HDSS) About HDSS      
    HDSS Manual      
    HDSS Troubleshooting      
    Transducer Install Prep 75kHz Transducer Anti-Fouling Paint Treatment Willis 2006 Transducer Anti-fouling Paint Treatment
    75kHz Transducer Anti-Fouling Paint Treatment      
    Interlux Primocon Product Sheet      
    Interlux Trilux Product Sheet      
    Bottom Sampling
    Box Coring Box Coring Overboarding Procedure Wheacroft    
    Using a Pinger with the Box Core      
    Multicore Multicorer in action - video new! Schmidt Ocean Institute Mar 2013  
    Multicorer with Real-time camera, CTD and Water Sampling for the UNOLS Community new! Fornari, Bernhard, Edgcomb Feb 2013  
    Tech Discussions
    Box coring and Bongo Nets 2010  
    CTD/Water Column Sampling
      CTD Sensor Calibration Interval Recommendations new! URI Mar 2013 A table listing suggested calibration intervals
    Sea-Bird Seminar at NOAA 2013 training new! Introduction to Profiling Equipment Sea-Bird Feb 2013  
    Set-up and Acquiring Data Sea-Bird Feb 2013  
    Samplers, Sampling, Cabling and Deployment Sea-Bird Feb 2013  
    Troubleshooting Sea-Bird Feb 2013  
    Before, During and After the Cruise Sea-Bird Feb 2013  
      SBE911 Boot Camp, The Complete Course Murphy Jan 2012 A presentation the NOAA MT Refresher Training
      2011 RVTEC CTD Troubleshooting Training Swartz 2011  
      CTD Troubleshooting Willis 1998  
    Sea-bird Sea-Bird Electronics Website Sea-bird    
    Sea-Bird Sensors Specs & Manuals Page Sea-bird    
    GO-SHIP GO-SHIP Hydro Manual GO-SHIP 2010  
    Reference Quality Water Sample Data: Notes on Data Acquisition      
    Notes on CTD/O2 Data Acquisition and Processing Usins Seabird Hardware & Software      
    CTD Oxygen Sensor Calibration      
    CalCOFI Seasoft for Windows 7 Operations CalCOFI 2010  
    CTD Post-cast Tasks      
    CTD General Practices      
    Dissolved Oxygen      
    Fluorometry FAQs      
    Data Acquisition Systems
    NOAA SCS User's Manual Version 4.5.1 NOAA 2011  
    Training Presenation NOAA 2010  
    OSU OSU DAS System Overview OSU 2010 General Info about OSU DAS
    Data and Data Tools
    UNH CCOM/JHC Research Tools in Ocean Mapping Course Material Schwehr 2011  
    Screencast Videos Schwehr 2011  
    Course Website Schwehr 2011  
    Tech Discussions - new!
    Data Syncing/Data Distribution Media 2011  
    NMEA Simulator 2010  
    Meta Data for Sensor Values 2010  
    1000yr storage media 2010  
    Data Repositories
      Data Catalogs      
      RV Instrument Profiles      
      National Oceanographic Data Center (NODC)      
      National Geophysical Data Center (NGDC)      
    Echosounders/Subbottom Profilers
      Introduction to Acoustics Gonsalves Jan 2012 A presentation from the NOAA MT Refresher Training
      Knudsen Engineering Technical Support Knudsen    
      Knudsen Documentation Downloads      
      SIO SGG Knudsen 320B/R Guide SIO    
      SIOSSEIS Data Processing Examples SIO    
    Tech Discussions -
    3.5kHz Transducers for Chirp 3260 2010  
    Shipboard Transducer Removal and Installations in Water 2010  
    Fleet Broadband
      FBB Firmware Upgrade Gagne Mar 2013 Steps to upgrade FBB Firmware
      Hidden Maintenance Page      
      HiSeasNet Wiki      
      FAQ Equipment      
      HiSeasnet over FBB      
    Meteorological Systems & Data Acquisition
    A Short Course A Short Course on Automated Underway Meteorological Observation Smith and Wolfe 2012 A presentation from the NOAA MT Refresher Training
      SAMOS webpage      
      SAMOS Handbook      
      True Wind (earth-referenced) computation     Detailed information on correct computation of true wind including codes, test data & results from 3 programming languages.
    Tech Discussions
    Airmar PB200 anemometer 2011  
    Met Packages 2011  
    Anemometer Calibration and SBE43 2011  
    RH Sensor Troubleshooting 2011  
    Consensus on RMYoung Anemometer? 2010  
      Running a MOCNESS      
      MOCNESS Checklist      
      MOCNESS Cast Sheet      
      B.E.S.S. Website      
      Dragging for a Lost Mooring      
      10 Commandments of Multibeam- new! Odom Hydrographic Systems Inc. Nov 2007  
    Multibeam Advisory Committee (MAC) Multibeam Advisory Committee Website      
    Multibeam Technical Resources     Technical Resources, Cookbooks and Software Tools
    Technical Reports     Technical Reports (acoustic noise tests, system configs, etc)
      Sound Speed and it's application to Multibeam Data Zacharias Jan 2012 A presentation from the NOAA MT Refresher Training.
      Introduction to Single and Multibeam Hauser Jan 2012 A presentation from the NOAA MT Refresher Training.
      UNOLS Multibeam Systems Chayes   A list of the Multibeam systems in the fleet.
      Latest EM System Operating Software     Must have existing username and password.
      General Information      
      Data Sheets      
    Potential Fields Pool
      Potential Fields Pool Website      
    Gravimeter Gravimeter Best Practices      
    Gravity Base Station Database BGI    
    Gravity Base Station Database UTEP    
    Potential Fields Pool Equipment UTEP    
    Tech Discussions
    Gravity Benchmark Database 2010  
    Radioisotope & Hazardous Chemical Safety & Handling
      SWAB Program - UMTL UMTL    
      Hugh R Sharp Chemical Hygeine Plan Deering    
      Research Vessel Safety Standards      
      Chapter 9 - Haz Materials      
      Chapter 10 - Radioactive Materials      
      GO-SHIP Hydro Manual GO-SHIP 2010  
      Drawing Salts CalCOFI    
      OSU SWAP Website Martin    
    UCSW System
    Tech Discussions
    Sea Surface Temperature Sensor 2011  
    Flow-Through Fluorometers 2011  
    UCSW Piping 2010  
    Winch and Wire
    Terminations 0.322 Poured Mechanical Termination WHOI   WHOI procedure for poured 0.322 wire termination
    0.322 with Cable Grip (Chinese Finger) Willis 1998  
    Tips & Tricks for Using PMI Finger Grip Willis 2007  
    0.322 with Cable Grip (Chinese Finger) CalCOFI 2010  
    Hot-Glue/Heatshrink splice Rowe 2006  
    0.680 EM      
    0.680 FO      
    UNOLS Winch & Wire Manual - Chapter 5 Rope & Cable Terminations UNOLS    
    A Simple Splicing Technique for Underwater Cables Wilson & Lucyk 1994 2004  
    Clevis Fitting Termintation Esmet    
    Cable Grip(Chinese Finger) Installation`      
    Wire Rope Terminations Certex    
    Wire Lubrication Wire Lubrication Griner 1997  
    Wire Lube Tips Butler 2011  
    Pooled Winches UNOLS East Coast Winch Pool WHOI   The UNOLS East Coast winch pool website.
    Tech Discussions
    Wire Lube System 2011  
    Water in a Cable 2011  
    Slip Rings 2011  
    Cerrobend 2011  
    Birth of Hot-Glue Splices 2010  
    Gel Wrap Splice 2010  
    Overboarding block for 1/4in Hydro Wire 2010  
    Termination 0.680 Trawl Wire 2010  
    EM Cable Terminations for CTDs 2010  
    Recommended/Interesting Reference Material
      Parker O'ring Handbook Parker Hannifin Corporation 2007  
    General Oceaography Properties of the Ocean Sherman Jan 2012 A presentation from the NOAA MT Refresher Training
    Dynamics of the Ocean Sherman Jan 2012 A presentation from the NOAA MT Refresher Training
    Surface Waves Sherman Jan 2012 A presentation from the NOAA MT Refresher Training
    Basic Electronic Basic Electronics, A Short Course Sekafetz Jan 2012 A presentation from the NOAA MT Refresher Training
      Machinery's Handbook Industrial Press 2008 Available in HC & ebook
      Naval Architecture for Non-Naval Architects (SNAME) Benford 1999  
      Standard Handbook for Mechanical Engineers Avallone & Baumeister    
      Navy Salvor's Handbook Navy 1999  
      The Art of Electronics Horowitz &Hill    
      Principles of Underwater Sound Urick    
      Collecting Zooplantkon Wiebe   Describes methods for collecting Zooplankton (including MOCNESS)
      From the Hensen net toward four-dimensional biological oceanography Wiebe & Benfield   Methods of Oceanographic Biological Sampling from 1800s to present
      Ocean Data Rat Pinner    

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