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Originated by: Rich Findley (U. Miami) on Wed, 21 Dec 2011


Originated by: Rich Findley (U. Miami) on Wed, 21 Dec 2011




I am looking to for small fume hood for the RV Walton Smith. You would think this would be a simple task. The problem is most are just too big in one dimension or another. The other issue is that many seem to have sash weights in them to counterbalance the door.  Anyone have any suggestions?






Richard Findley

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Reply from: Timothy W. Deering (UDel) on Wed, 21 Dec 2011




We use these flow sciences in all the vans. They come in lots of sizes and I think the will customize to. The blow is separate from the hood. Here is the link.






Tim Deering



Reply from Christopher Griner (WHOI) on Wed, 21 Dec 2011


Hi Rich,

Tim beat me to it.  And he should know since they are in the UNOLS Vans.  I think our experience with the Flowscience Fume Hoods in the vans has been very good.
Airclean Systems may also have some viable options, although we do not own any at present.  I had looked into them a few years back for the same reasons you state meaning limited space / dimensions to use it in and finding one for temporary use when needed.
Here is that linkhttp://www.aircleansystems.com/



Reply from: Ben Jokinen (MLML) on Wed, 21 Dec 2011


We use http://www.labconco.com/_scripts/editc20.asp?CatID=4 here on the Pt Sur.  Looks like they make a variety of sizes as well.


Ben Jokinen



Reply from James R Postel (UW) on Wed, 21 Dec 2011


Hi Rich:

   I'm considering a small ductless fume hood for the Barnes from Mystaire/Misonix--model FE2620, about 24" wide x 30" high x 20" deep.  It needs a variety on replaceable filters depending on what chemicals are being used.


James R. Postel


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Reply from: Steve Poulos (U. Hawaii) on Wed, 21 Dec 2011


Hi Rich,

I recently purchased a small fume hood and a separate blower, small speed controller for the blower, I believe the fume hood was all polyethylene.  We bought it to gain bench space & to temp. replace the labconco model and its exterior blower.  Now it is not "tall" enough for some functions but it was sufficient for a recent cruise in the last two weeks. I will get you the numbers / product info.


Steve Poulos

Univ of Hawaii



Reply from Doug White (UDel) on Wed, 21 Dec 2011


Just a fyi that I added a “Fume Hoods” section to our Tech Links page and added the three possibilities listed so far to it for future reference:






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Reply from: Marc Willis (OSU) on Wed, 21 Dec 2011




You may want to think twice about ductless hoods.  Most university EHS departments (including UW I believe) do not allow ductless hoods for general purpose applications.  Some institutions allow them only for specific purpose, single process applications on a case by case basis.  Some do not allow them under any circumstances.





Marc Willis

Marine Science Technical Director

SIKULIAQ Shipyard Project Office



Reply from Steve Poulos (U. Hawaii) on Wed, 21 Dec 2011


Hi Rich,

Here is the info I ref'd:


Company: Lab Safety Supply    800-356-0783

  SCIENCEWARE® Economical Benchtop Fume Hood Item #:8752

  Mfr. Model #:H50000-0002    $473

   (Polyethylene type)


Ref picture and info:


 smaller portable fume hood ScienceWare


Model Fantech FR150  Inline Duct Fan (or blower)

1) Grainger - Online   Fan, Duct 6inch

      Item # 5C517  catalog page 4242    $230




Model Dayton Fan Speed Controller

2) Grainger  - Online    Fan Spd Control, 3A

   Item # 1DGV1   catalog page 4251    $25.75




Now this has not been "officially" certified yet - but the blower meets the specs.   The controller doesn't slow it down all that much. The picture shows a 6" rubber boot from a plumbing supply shop to decouple the blower from the top of the hood.  I bought your typical electrical box to mount the speed controller, attaching to the blower directly.  protective cover sheet is still on the fume hood door.  Also it is fairly quiet.

Steve Poulos