Maritime Security Issues

Informative Links:

Office of Naval Intelligence
World Wide Threat to Shipping Reports


International Chamber of Commerce
International Maritime Bureau
Piracy Reporting Center, Kuala Lumpur

Live Piracy Report

ICC Commercial Crime Services

International Chamber of Shipping
Guidance for the Protection of Ships from Terrorism and Sabotage

Maritime Security Council


Current Maritime Advisories

US Coast Guard
Port Operations Information for Safety and Efficiency

Waterways Management - Security Division

National Imagery and Mapping Agency

U.S. Department of State
Bureau of Consular Affairs

List of Current Warnings and Announcements


IMO Circulars on Piracy and Security Plans
Guidance to Shipowners and Operators on Preventing Acts of Piracy
circular #623

Other IMO reports on Piracy including monthly reports on Acts of Piracy

Maritime Security Centre


Various Reports to UNOLS Council Committee
on Piracy and Ship Security
15 November 2001

RVOC Security Sub Committee


List of Exclusion Areas
Domestic and International Security Headlines