An Implementation Plan

Draft – February 25, 2002

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Table of Contents:

·        Introduction

·        Fleet Construction Schedule (2000-2020)

·        Implementation Road Map

·        Ship Construction Efforts In Progress

·        2002 Timelines


This webpage provides guidelines for a UNOLS Fleet renewal implementation plan.  In December 2001, the Federal Oceanographic Facilities Committee (FOFC) of the National Oceanographic Partnership Program (NOPP) presented the report, the National Academic Research Fleet - Charting the Future for the A Long-Range Plan for Renewal to the National Ocean Research Leadership Council (NORLC).  The report addresses renewals, retirements, and technology upgrades for those vessels within the national academic research fleet that are over 40 m long.

The FOFC Plan defines four basic vessel classes for the current and future fleet:

The general specifications of the new vessel classifications are defined in Table 2 of the report:

The baseline assumption for the FOFC Plan is to maintain fleet capacity at current use levels while increasing capability over the next 20 years and beyond.  Over the next 20 years, the FOFC plan calls for construction of ten new ships: one Global Class ship, six Ocean Class ships, and three Regional Class ships.  UNOLS has recommended (based on science research projections) that the fleet size and composition increase up to 13 new ships.  The additional three ships could be considered if future budgets increase.

The FOFC report stated:  “Building a portfolio of ship-concept designs and identifying science mission requirements (SMRs) will also be important functions undertaken to maintain a modern, technologically viable fleet capable of supporting evolving science needs.”  This website is intended to provide a roadmap for the development of SMRs, concept designs, preliminary designs and ship construction.  It describes the elements needed to accomplish this task as well as a timeline for its completion.

Specific Recommendations for Fleet Construction and Schedule:

The proposed schedule for new ship construction is provided as Figure 17 of the FOFC report.  The schedule calls for 10 new ships.  Figure 17 is provided below:

A Roadmap for Fleet Renewal

The Fleet Improvement Committee recommends the following process as an implementation plan for UNOLS fleet renewal.  By clicking the blue boxes in the flowchart below details for that step can be obtained:

Flowchart: Process: UNOLS Ship Renewal Process – Introduction and FIC’s Role


Ship Construction Efforts In Progress

Alaska Region R/V (ARRV)


CAPE HELOPEN Replacement Vessel

Timelines for 2002 Renewal Projects

Regional Vessel – SMR Development and Concept Design Timeline: