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Fleet Improvement Committee
UNOLS Charter - Annex IV

Fleet Improvement Committee

Activities and Reports

Revised UNOLS Ship Classes - August 2011

Fleet Renewal Activities (FIC and FOFC)

R/V SMR, Design and Construction

ADA Guidelines for UNOLS Vessels

Observatory Work Group

Science Mission Requirements

FIC Reports

Fleet Statistics and Projections

Articles of Interest

Clare Reimers, OSU (Chair)

At-large, 10/09-10/15

David Bradley, PSU

Non-operator, 1/10-1/16

Fernando Martinez, UH-Manoa

At-large, 2/11-2/14

Miles Sundermeyer, UMassD

Non-operator, 1/10-1/16

Joan Bernhard, WHOI Operator, 10/12-10/15
Greg Cutter, Old Dominion University Non-operator, 10/12-10/15
Nancy Rabalais, LUMCON Operator, 1/14-1/17
Allan H. Devol, UW Operator, 2/09-2/15

Al Suchy, WHOI - RVOC Rep (ex-officio)


RVTEC Rep (ex-officio)



Sandy Shor, UH -
MLSOC Rep (ex-officio)


UNOLS Agendas, Reports and Meeting Minutes


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Fleet Renewal Activities and Reports:

Community Input Requested: Global Class Science Mission Requirements Survey

Revised UNOLS Vessel Retirement Dates and Service Life Extension Program Estimates

Ocean Class Research Vessel Planning

Letter from UNOLS Past Chair Bob Knox regarding Fleet Renewal

An Implementation Plan for UNOLS Fleet Renewal (FIC Roadmap) - Draft (2/02)

Final FOFC Fleet Renewal Plan (12/01)

Ship Replacement (Renewal) Programming Thumb Rules - by Dick Pittenger (WHOI) - This document provides important programming considerations; such as, construction costs, operational costs and timelines.

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Research Vessel Design and Construction Efforts:

Regional Class Ships

Ocean Class Ships

Alaska Region Research Vessel (ARRV)

R/V Marcus Langseth Conversion Plans

Global Class SMR Update Project

Articles of Interest:

Jounal of Ocean Technology 2013 - Essay by RADM Richard F. Pittenger (Navy retired): Oceanographic Research Ships - History and Future Needs



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