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The DEep Submergence Science Committee

UNOLS Charter - Annex II

The DEep Submergence Science Committee (DESSC) is a standing Committee of the University - National Oceanographic Laboratory System (UNOLS). DESSC provides advisory  responsibilities for the National Deep Submergence Facility which includes Alvin, Jason/Medea, and the Sentry.

Announcement: WHOI appoints new Chief Scientist for Deep Submergence

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Graphic by E. Paul Oberlander

DESSC Members

Peter Girguis, Chair
John Wiltshire
George Luther
Vicki Ferrini
Amanda Demopoulos
David Emerson
Breea Govenar
Laura Lapham
Nicholas Hayman
Tim Shank (ex-officio)
Chris German (ex-officio)
Rob Munier (ex-officio)

Members' contact information

Historical list of DESSC Committee Members


NDSF Vehicle Request System

To request use of the National Deep Submergence Facility (NDSF) vehicles, please submit a UNOLS Ship Time Request Form. Click the appropriate box(es) in the "Ancillary Facilities" section of the form to specify ALVIN or the ROVs.

To view all requests for the NDSF vehicles, navigate to the Search Ship Time Request Forms and select the fields you wish to view.


DESSC and NDSF Terms and Policies



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Criteria for Adding New Assets to the NDSF

UNOLS Safety Standards for Human Occupied Vehicles

DESSC Meeting minutes, Agendas, Reports and Calendar



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